Who we are:

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) is an ecumenical umbrella organization of Christian churches that seeks to promote cooperation and fellowship between Christian churches and organizations in the nation.
The Council therefore seeks to bring together its membership and stakeholders for consultation and discussions in an effort to help form an enlightened Christian opinion on all issues affecting the spiritual, social and physical well being of Zambians.

The vision of the Council of Church in Zambia is to have a transformative impact on church and society with regards to Christian unity and human dignity.

The Council of Churches in Zambia serves as an ecumenical organization to strengthen Christian unity and to promote social justice, peace and development. This holistic ministry for human dignity to member churches, organizations, and to the people of Zambia is achieved through facilitation, advocacy, capacity-building, and networking to the glory of the triune God.


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The Council of Churches in Zambia has been in existence since 1914. It was first called the General Missionary Conference and its main responsibility was to promote cooperation between the missionary societies in areas such as education, health and religious broadcasting. The name was later changed to the Christian Council of Northern Rhodesia

Fundamental Values & Convictions

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All activities of the Council of Churches in Zambia seek to be expressions of the following fundamental values and convictions.


  • A confession of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • A holistic focus on the human being and human well-being: spiritual, physical and social.

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