All activities of the Council of Churches in Zambia seek to be expressions of the following fundamental values and convictions.

  • A confession of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • A holistic focus on the human being and human well-being: spiritual, physical and social.
  • An inclusive vision of the Christian ecumenical ministry: the promotion of the Christian Faith and unity, as well as social justice, peace and community development.
  • A multi-dimensional notion of ecumenical service and programmes as including leadership, facilitation, co-ordination, advocacy, capacity-building, consultation, networking and lobbying.
  • Sensitivity to the needs and satisfaction of stakeholders: member churches, organizations, and partner churches and ecumenical organizations.
  • A specific work-ethos and organizational culture characterized by compassion, commitment and discipline, professionalism and efficiency, integrity and accountability, and continuous quality improvement.